Sunday, January 15, 2012

So who is you anyway?

Here we are, the first post in the chronicles of how sucky I am at this. Lets get this out of the way, as the little blog description up there suggests, on the day the fairies were handing out skills that could be useful later in life I must have done something massively offensive to the Domestic Skills Fairy. Reason being? Bitch skipped me entirely.

I have zero BettyCrockerMarthaStewart skills to my name yet somehow I woke up to find myself the mother of two and a housewife. After years of education and working outside the home my family made the decision that I should be a stay at home mom. I like that part, the mom stuff is okay, I haven't managed to completely ruin either child thus far. Dinner? Ruined it many-a-time. Clothes I am attempting to wash? Iron? Remove stains from? Ah, yeah, that doesn't always work out so well either.

A little about me?  Well, I am a mom of two boys and a husband (yes, I am including myself as his mother too  -- you're either married and get it or not married and ignorant), former work-out-side-the-home-mom, current stay-at-home-mom, and over-user-of-hyphens.  I can't write in cursive to save my life but can mix some badass cocktails and talk craft beer.  I don't know how to cook, but I like to bake, it just doesn't always look good or taste quite right.  I am massively unorganized, a pack rat, but watched a segment of Hoarders and was traumatized so I am now trying to clean up and out.  I am cheap, but that is a new development because I actually have very expensive taste.  Love reading blogs, but I find that motherly blogs make me feel grossly inadequate because I am not a homeschooling, uber religious, crafty, make-it-all-look-so-easy in my pumps and apron kind of gal.  Quite the opposite.  Love my kids, husband, and life, but really am just trying to be better at it ... its a lofty goal I assure you. 

So here we will chronicle my failures, massive failures, and maybe every now and then successes too as I attempt to become June Clever, except in flip flops and much less coiffed hair.

~ The DomesticRocketSurgon

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