Thursday, August 2, 2012

cheap, check! pretty, check!

A little while back I was looking for something easy, but cute to make for my mom.  She was having a run of crappy luck combined with a string of bad days -- and if anyone does not deserve that kind of combo it is my mama.  She is a beyond awesome human being, and I wanted her to feel appreciated.

But here is the catch: my mom is impossible to buy or make anything for.  Like really.

One thing she does like is her flowers.  Her front yard and backyard is always a bit like a Better Homes and Gardens photo shoot.  She also has arthritis and Reynaud's, so taking care of her hands is quite important all things considered.

So color me pink when I came across this on Pintercrack!

It was easy, it was pretty, it would be something to spoil her and it was something she'd never do for herself!  Yay!

So I had to buy a four pack of these Ball jars, which was cool because I could make one of these for myself and had two more jars for storage of other stuff.  I think they are adorable.

So I just needed to pour some sugar and some of that yummy smelling Dawn with Olay  and mix ... it was so easy!

Once I was done I wanted something to use as a scoop of some sort.  It had to be cute and I had just the thing in mind.  I was given these cutesy measuring spoons as a wedding gift.  They had sat in a drawer, never used due to impracticality and lack of me-ness.  Lets be honest, I am not exactly a cutesy heart spoon kind of girl.

So I broke out the hemp, and got to work securing the spoons to my mom's and my own.  I used a bit of ribbon on my mom's, but just stuck with the hemp for mine.

End result was quite pretty and practical all things considered.  The sugar Dawn scrub works awesome, smells fantastic and the little jar of it was cute.  My mom loved it to pieces and it made her smile.

Count this one as a success!

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