Saturday, February 25, 2012

lets try that again

Recall my post that was all back-patty goodness regarding my finally doing something that I found on Pinterest?  I was sooo happy with myself, until I realized that I had neither a place for the item in question, nor did I have the pen I needed to make it work.

Well crap.

It wouldn't be me if there wasn't some kind of face-plant-moment. Its not rocket surgery or brain science, but I have a tendency to go big go home/over think everything, so the end result is that I don't always know where I am going with my brilliant plans, but I am confident in their brilliance none the less.  That's optimism at its finest and most useless for ya folks!

While my "free" and "easy" project continued haunting my mind for a while I eventually realized that the only logical thing to do was to completely redo two walls in my house. This involved digging out frames I had stored for a day I would eventually need them (knew it would happen!), making a run to Hobby Lobby, and covertly asking the hubs via text where the level and drill where in the garage while he sat at work wondering if it was possible for me to put enough holes in the walls to impact the structural integrity of the house.  {Answer: Not yet dear!}

I also had to completely redo the "i love you because" picture I found on Pinterest because I needed it to hang vertically and it looked really stupid the way I had it.

The end result is that the "free" and "easy" project that was also so "quick" wound up taking a whole day, costing me about $30 and required the use of 7 different tools and my husband had no fewer than 5 panic attacks. This does diminish the bragging I was doing about how I had finally found and used a Pinterest idea so quickly.

Po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe.

Anywhoo, here is the new fangdangled "i love you because" picture in my completely re-done hallway, complete with our first lovey-dovey messages to each other.

Just beyond the Love You picture frame are my map pictures so the hallway certainly makes me look all sorts of crafty-clever-successful.  You'd almost believe I have my act together, but then you see the rest of the house ...

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