Saturday, April 14, 2012

baby toys, round one

So after the massive and pathetic pity party I threw myself the other day I have been trying to knock the sorry-for-myself crap off.  I have always been a fixer and a do-er, so this mopey stuff just isn't me.

Sometimes ya gotta let yourself wallow a bit, just a bit.  I think finances can be something that truly overwhelms you if you let it.  I feel like I do it all wrong sometimes in terms of how I allocate budget monies for food especially.  I don't know how these lunatics can supposedly get $100 worth of groceries for $5.37 because they coupon the shit out of their purchases.  Reality is, I think, that those people are merely stocking the crapity crap up and merely visit their bunker house for the zombie apocalypse when they grocery shop.  I could be wrong, but it makes me feel better for the time being, so its the plan we are going with.

We did have a birthday party for the Beans, and I managed to do it on the cheap.  I am also making him some "toys" I found on Pintercrack ... but in true me-fashion it ain't goin' like I planned ... for example DIY plastic bottle bowling pins that I saw on another blog.  So she has these beautiful bottles that look all pretty like this ...

And me?

Yeah, I so nailed it.

So I will be trying that again, soonish.

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