Monday, April 23, 2012

a boy project

You brought a permanent marker into a
bathroom, chose to commit an act of
vandalism ... and this is what you write?!
So I had this horrible 48 hour Death Bug.  I'll spare you the details, but I assure you it was most awful.

I was finally feeling almost humanoid by Sunday so the husband came up with a most reasonable thing to ask of a person who was weak and needed nearly instant bathroom access.

Let's go to the home improvement mega store!

Yes, because with 10,000 square miles of stuff I can barely identify that makes him froth at the mouth and only one bathroom that happens to be in the farthest corner if the kingdom this sounds totally successful.

I managed to survive without passing out, loosing my patience, or committing a public act of humiliation worthy of moving to a new city, but I did take note of the utterly stupid vandalism on one of my 6 mile treks to the bathroom.

Anyhoo ... the Meatball and Cap'n need a new "boy project" (sold the last one) so they decided to build Meatball's loft bed we've been talking about forever.  Since I am not allowed to use power tools (I only earned hammer privileges recently because I hung pictures without damaging the structural integrity of the house while the husband was at work and proved I could do it) I was kind of on par with the ten year old.

In other words, I held shit steady and fetched tools.  Oh yeah!

Once the structural stuff is all fin-ee-toe then it becomes my project more or less, because in true Domestic Rocket Family fashion this isn't just a loft bed.

Its a house.

Well, a shack.

A surf shack.  Meatball loves surf related things, so the top of the loft bed is the bed, the lower half will be an enclosed shack where he will have his desk and bookshelves.  I get to shanty the place up because I have a gift for taking new stuff and making it look old and crappy.

That did not sound as positive as I meant it to ... lets try that again ... I have practiced the crafty art of distressing things so that they maintain structural strength yet possess all the character and authenticity of older, worn items.  Yeah, that sounded better.

In an effort to be green and save on moolah we are re purposing as much of the Meatball's old bed as we can. My husband does not understand the art of blogging as I so clearly *ahem* do, so he doesn't get the absolute critical importance of a before picture, so by the time I had finished feeding the Beans and came back to take a before picture of the room they had the bed dismantled already, so I can't show you an exact picture.  I found this online though, and while Meatball would sooner take needles to his eyes than have the bedding pictured, this is an accurate rendering of the bed frame.

I do have pictures of his actual bed and his room, but I can't find them.  Will update if/when I do.  Otherwise, here is what we have so far.  The beam that goes across with the stickers on it is from the original bed.
They tried to leave the hats up there while working.  

Some structural supports and the desk has been moved in

We had this desk from Ikea already. It has a top with
shelves we are hoping to reuse in there somehow.

The ladder, a little level, a drill, and a can of tea

Close up of the stickers from a store on Maui called Tropix
(love the place!)

More pictures will follow as the project continues ...

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