Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sheldon ... & owl poop

Recently I did a post detailing some of the things I never pictured saying to a child of my own in those days, ages ago, before children. Many of them centered on hygiene, safety or logic but I had a dozy today that I simply must share because I think there are high odds it has never in the history if parenthood been said before.

Oh yes, the debate between is it boogers or blood has surely been said before by someone. Certainly at least one parent before me has wept in gratitude at the avoidance of the catastrophic prior to hitting the deductible.  But this ... I'd be willing to bet my wine cozy has not been said before.

"No! Rat bones and owl poop are NOT appropriate keepsakes!"

While not nearly as frightening or even as creepy as it sounds, it was still wholly unacceptable that it needed to be said.

Here is hoping no mothers-of-mass-murderers have said this sort of thing before.

Recently, however, Paul Bunyan and I have been watching the Big Bang Theory for the first time.  I'm only a few episodes in and I've noticed something that alarms me: I have way to much in common with Sheldon Cooper.  Like enough that while we are watching things Paul Bunyan swivels his head to stare at me pointedly.  Kinda like ...

... and I'm all ...

... but this was me when Meatball asked if he could keep his owl poop and rat bones in a baggie because science class was soooooo cool today.

Um, no.

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