Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pintercrack & frozen grease

Ever heard this story?

Wife is preparing the ham for cooking when husband sees she cuts the ends off.  Shocked, because he paid a lot for that ham, he asks why on earth she did that.  Wife replies, "huh, I don't know, my mom always did so I just thought that was how you do it."  So they call mom, ask why do you cut the ends of the ham.  Mom says "I have no idea, my mother always did it, so I just assumed that was how you cook a ham!"  They now go and cal grandma, certain they are about to hear the magical important reason as to why you hack up the ham before you cook it only to have grandma laugh hysterically and say "well I don't know why you guys cut your hams up, but I had to because my pan was too short!"

Sometimes we just do things, without thinking, because it was how it was done when we were growing up.

Marriage and living with someone makes you question some of those things.  Like how you fold towels, or whether or not you refrigerate your peanut butter.

At any rate, my mom always had a can in the freezer in which she poured hot grease or oil in so that she could freeze it then toss it on garbage day.  So I did too.  Paul Bunyan's mom did this too, so naturally we both thought this was HOW you do it.

Enter Pintercrack and it's ability to make me doubt everything I have ever known.

I went ahead and took pictures of the incredibly complicated steps associated with this one:

1. Line a regular bowl (that is both freezer safe and can handle heat) with aluminum foil.  Apparently I forgot a picture for this step, but it is pretty easy, I promise.

2.  Pour the hot grease or oil you want to toss in the foil-lined bowl.

3.  Stick it in the freezer.

Note the "Whole Black Beans" can? Yes, that is my old grease can.
4.  When it is hard, take a picture to put on your blog (you can skip this step as it is optional).

5. Toss the disk of frozen nasties in the garbage with minimal waste and leaving no icky can in your freezer.

6.  Call your mom and share this with her.

The end.

P.S. I'd recommend calling your mother and not mine, that would be kinda weird.

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