Thursday, March 8, 2012

I would buy that because ...?

Crib bumpers are such a complicated thing.

On one hand, while the baby is still baking in the oven and you are picking out all the cute crap, you think to yourself

Self, when the baby rolls, turns, and flips 
like he/she is doing now in my poor, battered uterus, 
he/she will surely need padding on all those hard crib bars.

You also notice that while picking out exorbitantly priced crib bedding that one of the only parts of the bedding that is decorated is the blanket/comforter and the bumpers.

Both are parts that are not recommended for use according to various sources.  Newborns aren't supposed to have blankets and the bumpers become fabulous suffocation hazards that can double as stairs when your child is old enough to try to escape the crib.  Ten points for multitasking!

So let me get this straight, we spend a freaking fortune on crib bedding sets only to have the bumpers up (at your own risk) for a short period of time and the blanket not in there at all ... meaning the only parts of a standard set you see is the sheet (which is usually a solid color) and the skirt.

With the impending birth of the second minion, we had picked out some adorable stuff that was all surf themed.  But it took no time at all for my mini Sir Edmond Hillary begin moving around enough that the damn bumpers (the cutest part of the whole thing) had to go.  Bummed I rolled them up and stuck them on a shelf in the baby's closet and was back to a blue bed sheet with denim skirt.  Sad face.

Then he discovered that not only is a crib a place to try to climb out of, but its also a damn fine trampoline.  And he began trying to launch himself out with a few good jumps.  Scared he would have a crib railing grill in no time, I checked out crib railing padding at the local baby-stuff-store ...

Um, I prefer it with my clothes off in the dark after you bought me dinner, thanks.

Standing there in cheap bitch disbelief wondering how in the hell they can charge me the ungodly fortune I spent on the adorable, yet fairly worthless bedding then ask me to spend $25 on chew proof padding for my little daredevil.

Then it hit me like a teething ring being flung from a pissed off baby ... crib bumpers are kinda padded ...

And voila ... The cheap, yet damn cute if I do say so myself, solution to prevent my little monster from face planting into a hard rail AND re-cuteifuying his room.

Best part of all, cost me nothing.  Woo hoo!

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