Tuesday, December 18, 2012

he found me!

Oh the fun is over. It was good while it lasted, the fleeting taste of glorious freedom. Passing though it was, it has gone.

My husband, the Paul Bunyan, discovered twitter.

"Hey, sweetie, do you have a Twitter account " I hear him ask, and I realize what this means.  He's never ask just because he was like curious.  I sigh, and say yes, yes I do.

And he followed me.

I actually maintain anonymity among my family and friends regarding this blog.  I have never been terribly good with self promotion and the only times anyone has ever said "OMG you are funny and should have a blog" has been when they are drunk.  Not exactly a strong selling point to be all up in people's faces about what I do here, ya know?  Not to mention, the whole premise of this place is to discuss my suckiness and I do like to maintain facades in real life.  Sometimes.  But at any rate, the husband, who has never actually read anything here but knows about it, asked for my Twitter handle ... and I gave it to him.  Note the one person up there who "favorited" my tweet.  It was him.  Then he had some smart assy reply about how I can't behave long. Pssh, whatevs.

It's only a matter if time before he stumbles here and I get in trouble for the shit I talk.  Le sigh.  Well let us go out with one hoorah, shall we?

A study in the difference between men and women, Mars and Venus, me and my husband.  I am the blue talky bubbles and he is the white ones:

Eh, nothing around here is going to change, I remain the snarky sarcastic, wordy, irreverent loon I have always been.  Its just that Paul Bunyan is reading it here now too.  He gets double whammied, cuz I am just as adorable in person.

Hi honey! I loves you!

P.S. If you don't follow me on Twitter but wanna I am @domrocsurg :)

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