Saturday, December 1, 2012

holiday confession

Okay here it is straight up: I really do not like this time of year.

Maybe its the stress.

Maybe its the family you never have to put up with all year suddenly being all up in your business about how important spending time together is.

Maybe its the fiscal insanity.

Maybe its the BS about the "holiday spirit" or "the reason for the season" and the lack of actual realism and meaning the majority of people put behind those words.

Maybe it is that stores are nucking futs to be in until like mid-January.

Maybe it is a lot of other things, but I am not one of those bloggers who is going to be all "ohmigorsh I heart this time of year so so so so so so so much!"  Nope, not here, wrong place.

This said, I know my piss poor attitude stems from a lot of things that are me-centric.  For brevity's sake lets leave it at this: I have issues, I know I do.

I also do not want to pass my "issues" on to my children.  They shouldn't hate this time of year, it seems to bring a lot of joy to some people.  It would be nice if it would do that for them.

So I am sucking it up.  Trying to really.  How you ask ... ?  Well, with one of these ...

Ah yes, I got a creepy Elf.  his name is El Gringo, and he is all mine this year because I have one kid old enough to get the humor and one too young to get that mommy is a little sick in the head.

So brace yourself, I will be sharing the 25 days of creepy plastic psycho El Gringo with you in an effort to up the holiday spirit.  (Okay fine I am also doing another, much less funny and more meaningful thing too.  I'll get around to sharing that eventually.)


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