Friday, December 5, 2014

The Sporran Sportin' Update

I mentioned in this post about seeing the maternal fetal specialist and had a itty bitty tangent about his sporran.  Well, we went back for our two week later follow up and he was sporting a different sporran which makes him even cooler in my estimation because clearly this is a regular thing and he rotates them.  Awesome.

Anyway, the appointment was awesome and also kinda bleh at the same time.  The great news is my amniotic fluid levels were up and within normal range.  Even greater news, baby Pinkie Pie is measuring two weeks ahead of schedule, which does not change my due date at all because we know her age, but it means she is growing exceptionally well in spite of everything.  I just don't make small babies.  Good, but still makes me sigh knowing the impending fun to come. 

Anyway, she looked fantastic.  Still stubborn on allowing pictures, but all the data from the ultrasound was great. 

The bleh news is that the doctor feels that her awesomesauceness is due in large part to the fact that in the last 2 weeks I have had three IVs.  This means that her and my success is so dependent upon IV fluid treatment that he felt it would be irresponsible to hold off on the PICC line any longer.  I will be going in for that on Monday, December 8th.  So fingers crossed that is an easy process.  Did you know you can google for videos of PICC line placements?  Yeah, you can.  I have it all cued up and will watch it shortly, haven't just yet.

Beyond that, I get a growth scan every 3 to 4 weeks and will just keep on going from here.  The doctor did discuss that in cases like mine he doesn't talk about due dates he talks about targets.  Our target is 39 weeks.  It may be less, it may be the actual due date.  No way to know now, have to see what happens with the PICC line and my success at that point.  So fingers crossed on that too.

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