Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Maternal Fetal Sporran Wearing Update

Just a medical update here, we are still hanging in there and fighting the good fight.

I had another appointment with my regular OB after the last one where cereal and crackers were suggested.  Proactive healthcare is always important, but with HG where things can change so rapidly and it is about more than just you?  Then it is critical.  I was hopeful that this appointment would make me feel better and it did.  He basically admitted not knowing what to do with me and sent me to a maternal fetal specialist -- commonly referred to as a "high risk" OB.

So I was a bit nervous heading into that appointment.  There is something just so intimidating about something people call "high risk" even when everything prior to that was all good news about the baby.  I am the problem here, but her status could change at any time and that fills me with my fair share of anxiety.  There was also the tension of knowing that my OB had politely tapped out and was willing to just keep me going as I am, so this doctor was where my hope is resting.

The way this office operates I came in and filled out my novel of paperwork then had a looooong ultrasound.  Baby girl, whom we have been calling Pinkie Pie per the Beans, looked great and spot on her gestational age.  Some of her measurements were a little small and I have never had a "small" baby so that made me a little uneasy, but no one else is concerned and it is still early for any worry.  She stubbornly refused to turn but had no shame in giving us a clear "I am a girl" shot.

The "bad" news is that my amniotic fluid is pretty low.  I have never had that issue before, so I did run to google and have three heart attacks already.  Being informed can be such a double edge sword.  You would think I know better but, nope.

Then we sat in this room with a crazy comfy recliner for me ... I would have happily stayed there for hours if they'd let me be.  My endurance is down a LOT so all the moving around it took to get ready, get there, sit in their waiting room, have the ultrasound, etc.  It was a lot.  But we had to move after my vitals were taken and we went to his office.  I started to feel a little more nervous now because no one had really told me anything from the ultrasound yet.

The doctor came in and one of the first things I noticed was that he was wearing a sporran.  For those not sure what that is, here is a picture ...

Wait ... what was I saying?

Oh yeah, *ahem* the sporran is the bag thingy around his waist.  For as awesome as it would have been (for me anyway, Paul Bunyan may have thought it was a bit unprofessional) the doctor was not that guy's twin, and his sporran was more like this though much more worn and had no tassels.

You may recall my love of all things Scottish, so the sporran totally made me smile and put me at ease.

Ultimately, we decided to try prednisone first.  I go back in two weeks, my fluids and caloric intake need to be a lot better for him to be happy.  If they are, then I am on steroids for 18 weeks.  Not ideal, but less invasive than the next (and what everyone refers to as the last) option.   He is also running some bloodwork for my thyroid to make sure it is doing what it should be.

No, that had no topical value, but I wanted to make sure you knew what a sporran was and figured two more would help.

Anyway, I have two weeks on the most vile tasting pill I have ever tried to swallow.  If it helps, great, I take it until this kiddo is born.  If not, we have one more option (a PICC line) and we will cross that bridge then and there.  Ironically, there must be some degree of regional preference because I know within my HG support group many women are baffled at my doctors' caution at just taking the leap and doing a PICC.  Everyone is aware of risks associated with them but they seem to be more common elsewhere.

So I see the normal OB next week, the high risk sporran toting doc the week after and we go from there.  On wards and forwards!

Outside of that, I recently discovered that one of my posts here had been shared within my HG support group on facebook.  It made my day.  If you have come across any of my HG posts I hope they help you, it really does make this seem less isolating and frustrating to know that it may help or educate someone to read any of this stuff. :)  If you need info about subq pumps here is a post that starts that series, and if you want some smart arse takes on HG in general I have a few options for you here, here, or here.

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