Thursday, June 7, 2012

the lazy crafter

Just to keep you feeling confident that at least you are a better person than me, hows about we detail this dafuq moment mentioned in an earlier post?

Sometimes you pin stuffs on Pintercrack and you are like "oh my freaking gawd, that is brilliant!  I will so do that!" even when you can see that it isn't exactly in your typical repertuar.  Case in point, chore sticks.

wow, just wow
Boredom Jars are awesome too!
Brilliant use of popsicle sticks in my ever so humble opinion.  Since the oldest of my minions is a bit ... oh how shall we say this ... completely scatterbrained? would lose his head were it not attached? has the attention span of a fly with ADHD hopped up on Code Red Mountain Dew?  Yeah, that sums it up.  Meatball is a great kiddo, but we have our issues we work through -- like how he can do long division in his head and tell you anything you want to know about any dinosaur that ever lived, but will forget the most obvious things, like one sock.  So chores are important, but, remembering to do them can be a challenge, especially when summer strikes and your old schedule and routine is suddenly worthless.  Yikes.

Chore sticks be a great plan den mon because you have to physically move them, which (teacher moment!) activates a different section of the brain and can help stimulate his tactile mind.  Helps him remember, makes him more into the idea, and gives him a sense of success when he sees the stack of "done" sticks.  So I found this one here that I thought was totally awesomesauce.

seriously, it is awesome
just a sample of a few sticks
And it is awesome beyond all reckoning.  I love it ... but I guess I am a lazy crafter because after cutting all of those out, sorting the stuff that I wasn't going to use (snow related ones, for example), and gluing about 20 of them on I wanted to make sure that it worked before I did anymore because I wasn't even half way yet.  That is because I was already beginning to get twitchy and wanted to see something finished.  So I trimmed edges, and sanded, and ModPodged one ... and while I like, even love, the final product, I just felt a bit deflated.  I get that in theory I will never have to do them again, so the effort is worth it, but I am kind of an instant gratification gal.  And this project certainly was leaving me less than instantly gratified.

So after all of that, I decided to shelf this one for the moment.  To be honest, I have images of paint and Sharpie marker running through my lazy head, and I am okay with that.  So we shall return to this project.  Soon.

I also needed to come up with a different storage system because I didn't have this spiffy cup.

All the alternative containers I saw on Pintercrack were adorably done, but am I the only one who thinks having my kids routinely touch glass mason jars when they are trying to hurry through a task is a great way to make a faboosh and dangerous mess somewhere down the road?  But I already have that idear covered, so I will share that with you when I do the project and have the final reveal.

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