Friday, June 8, 2012

well no wonder!

The horn of the unicorn is comprised of
Skittles, fairy dust, and cardamom.
Previously in one of my dafuq moments I mentioned that I couldn't find cardamom and left several old people at the grocery store fully deaf and traumatized by exposing them to my impatient child whilst I tried to find it.

Well apparently it was my inner cheap bitch that was preventing the locating of said ground spice.

What, is that stuff like ground unicorn horn???  Holy smokes, I found a bottle of it for nearly $10!!!

I found it at our specialty foods store (the place I go to not have to visit the "freak" aisle with all the vegan stuff because the whole store is that way) so I am hoping that it was special cardamom.


And I am hoping beyond hope that there is some cheapo cardamom somewhere else.  I will continue looking, and hoping.  Otherwise, we be needing a new recipe for Pumpkin Juice!

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