Wednesday, February 5, 2014

patience & potatoes

I don't know if all pictures are worth a thousand words, but I do have one that tells a story.

I had seen a million people pinning the heck out of this "Better than fries!" pin.

So simple, slice a potato, stick some butter in some of the slices, drizzle olive oil and slap that sucker in the oven.  Bam, delicious and easy, right?

Is it ever that simple?

No.  No it is not.

So I decide I am going to do this.  The pin I had (which I cannot find because apparently I did not repin it!) says to "stick a bamboo skewer through the potato so that you don't accidentally slice all the way through.

Yeah, I tried that.  They forgot to mention in the ingredient list that you need the Hulk because I dunno how the doddle you could shove a bamboo skewer through a RAW potato if you are all Bruce Bannering it up.

So after fighting a bamboo skewer a third of the way in I pulled it out and just cut carefully.  I deserve points for not messing this part up at all.

Then we get to the "place some butter in between every couple of slices."  Simple, right.

Well here is where my lack of patience comes into play and the picture that tells a story does the work for me.

*Ahem*  In other words ...

I was willing to TRY with potato number one.  Potato number two I was like "okay this is a bit tedious" and by three I was thinking this idea sucked.  The fourth potato was just where I gave up and I only did it because I had taken the time to slice the biotch.

Frankly, it was messy, tedious, and not even that tasty when I was done.  Between this and the whole vinegar "no 'poo" lies Pintercrack has been telling me lately I am feeling a bit disenchanted with the whole credibility of my pins.

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  1. OH MY Goodness!! I laughed so hard while reading this...and the photos...just, priceless!

    I think I love you!