Thursday, October 23, 2014

HG Treatment Intro: Everything I wanted to know...

I keep meaning to do this, I know I wanted posts like this when I first was told I might be getting a pump so I could hear how other people handle it.  So here we go!

The everything I wanted to know about the Zofran/Reglan Pump series!

Both Zofran and Reglan (and probably some other medications that I am not aware of simply because I found one that is working for me right now) can be taken orally via pill or via infusion pump.  My doctor switched me to infusion pump Zofran when my vomiting was severe enough that I could not reliably keep down the pills I had been on, and the pills were really not doing much anyway.  It was typical to vomit more than 15 times a day, quite a lot more than that honestly because I just stopped counting once I hit double digits.  Its depressing (and exhausting) to puke so often.  On my worst day I imagine it was 30 times or more and I had given up any attempts to eat or drink as they seemed completely futile and miserable.

I think in all things medical, it is important to be your own best advocate.  This is hard when you are so ill, so hopefully you have an amazing support team/person who can help attend appointments and ask questions.

In the beginning I don't think I even realized how bad I was.  I was too busy surviving it.  I did not bother to worry about what it all meant, I was too busy just coping.  My husband was the one who started urging me to talk to my doctor because even though pregnancy always makes me miserably sick, this seemed worse.  This is my third child and my fifth pregnancy.  I did not experience HG with either of my miscarriages and my prior two successful pregnancies never made me this ill.

Anyway, while other pumps and services may differ, this is what my experience looked like.  I hope that it puts your mind at ease if you are here in anticipation of your own treatment.  If you are here merely from curiosity, hope that it helps educate you.

This is of course, not medical advice.  Simply my telling my story and offering advice and ideas as they may apply to you.  You need to speak with a medical professional in real life, not an online blogger who calls herself a rocket surgeon as a joke.

Please feel free to ask me questions if I need to clarify something!  Here are the posts in this series.

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