Wednesday, October 1, 2014

if you know what you're doing ...

Sooo this was supposed to be the pregnancy announcement post.  Ha.  Life had other plans as I only just finished editing it because shortly after I started writing it I was crippled by the endless pukefest that is HG. Anyway, for continuity's sake and to address the reason I went from "I don't want to be pregnant" ... long posting gap ... to "pregnant and miserable!" in the space of three posts.  


It is never lost on me, in fact it rather haunts me honestly. 

Lately has been no exception.

So I have (again) sucked with the posting.  Sigh.  I am really terrible at consistency with pretty much anything in my life, so the blog isn't the only thing I am horrible at maintaining.  I am pretty sure this is why my houseplants always die ... come to think of it my kids and pets are pretty freaking lucky. 

Anyway -- irony.

When last I left off posting I was bemoaning the perils of a threenager and karma as well as saying farewell to Gargamel, twice.  I said specifically, and I quote ya here, while referencing our plan to try NFP:
I may blog about them some more as I go on, but may not.  I sincerely hope that the blog will not start with two pink lines, because if you know what you are doing you shouldn't get pregnant at all.
Did you catch it?  Those fateful words ... if you know what you are doing ... when do I ever know what I am doing?!

Now, in all seriousness, we kinda sorta knew what we were doing.  I do owe NFP (Natural Family Planning) a post of its own to explain why we felt moved to do it because there was a little more to it than Gargamel.  At any rate, I had it down.  I was charting and temping, and I totally knew when I was ovulating and when I wasn't. 

We discussed maybe trying in a few months.

Then something really stressful happened, a family issue that is neither fun to discuss and completely outside Bunyan's and my control.  Stress does funny things to a woman.  Like mess up her usually reliable as clockwork ovulation schedule.  Days, people.  Messed me up by three days.  And BAM!

The thing about NFP is that the point is you are supposed to be open to the possibility of a pregnancy at any time.  Even if you weren't planning it exactly at that moment. 

So even though we weren't exactly planning it, and even though I strongly maintain that NFP works beautifully (I don't think we gave it enough time to really really figure out what happens to my cycle under various circumstances) we are very excited to announce that we are expecting the unexpected.

I have another ultrasound in the first week of September and will feel a lot better after that one.  We have a loss-history so the first trimester is a terrifying time for us.  For now I am taking some solace in how miserable I feel, because I never felt sick during the pregnancies that did not make it.  The doctor did see a little flashing heartbeat, so fingers crossed we should have another little goofball in March of 2015.  

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