Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Oh no he di-in't!

I just came back from an OB appointment.  I am 17 weeks, HG is kicking my ass and I am having like nooooo fun at all.  I went into the OB prepared to be reasonable but to complain about the following.

  • I am hooked to the infusion pump (Reglan now, Zofran was awful and not helpful) 24/7 and still spending more than 6 hours a day nauseous.  The 6 hours is an indicator the home healthcare company established.  
  • I may not be puking, but I am dry heaving constantly and my body is trying to throw up daily.  I am miserable but not constantly vomiting, so while better I am not better.  Make sense?
  • The reflux is horrible.
  • Bolus doses of my medication make me much sicker, can I have something else on demand when needed that isn't Phenergan because that knocks me out for hours?
  • The last thee IV attempts went like this:  Three ago she poked me twice (I think) and got the IV in.  It died 12 hours later.  Two ago she poked three times, blew two veins, and got it in.  Died about 14 hours later with constant intervention and flushes to keep it that long.  Last one took five pokes, three blown veins and she never got the IV in.  I am now a week without IV, my eyes are hot, I get winded talking, I feel super drained, and I am covered in painful bruises.  What can we do about this, because I do great the second an IV is in (as in I can eat and drink myself).
  • Last but not least, I am obsessed with the panic that I am having twins.  My only ultrasound occurred at 7 weeks pregnant and was just an on-the-abdomen type so the image was terrible.  We saw a faint heartbeat, but everyone tells me that this is no reliable indication of a singleton pregnancy at all.  
So I wanted to have some conclusion on at least some of that.  I know there is some of that he cannot help me with ... but I had hopes that something would be addressed.


I was offered no other anti-nausea meds and he never even addressed it.  Told me to take Tums or Prevacid for the reflux and see if that helps.  When I detailed how awful the IV attempts have been he interrupted me to say "I will not order a PICC line if that is what you are hoping for."  Um, who hopes for a PICC?!  I never said anything about one, I was concerned that is where we are heading because several nurses have commented about it.  Perhaps this has come up in reports or something because he was awfully vehement but not explanatory at all.  He said he only does PICCs in cases of parental nutrition, and I am not sick enough for that.  Um, yay?  So what does that mean.  "Let the nurses keep digging."  Uh, you offering your arm up for that?!  I cannot describe how unpleasant that is.

With the twin thing he only put the doppler do-dad on my abdomen for like 10 to 15 seconds so long enough to hit a heartbeat, but no attempt to listen for two, no uterine measurements to see if I am measuring around gestational age ... nothing.  Just commented that I have "at least one in there."  Har har, you funny Doc.

But by far the best part, that made me want to peel my ass off that paper covered exam table I was having so much fun balancing on was when he suggested I eat crackers and cereal.

Oh no he di-in't!

Then he added to that suggestion, which meandered its way into this post as shit to NOT say already, that I sip my drinks all day.

Oh so you mean I shouldn't shotgun them?  WTF! *slaps forehead* why hasn't someone told me this already?!

I actually thought of this scene while in the doctor's office.

I do sip.  It is how I force down my 30 ounces of fluids I am so proud of a day.  I also tried crackers, like 14 weeks ago.  Funny thing, when your throat is raw you start thinking about your consumption in terms of regurgitation.  Crackers hurt coming back up.  Mashed potatoes do not.  At least not as badly.  I will stick with my effing potatoes, thanks.  Blood coming up with the puke and bile is just not my idea of fun.

Ultimately, I am trying to just calm down and figure out what I want to do next.  I am writing this more to vent than anything.  HG is hard enough without having to fight for medical care that is helpful.  My doctor was super helpful and awesome before today.  Then today happened.

I want to spoil myself and wallow in my misery but other than lay here and keep trying to *ahem* sip my Sprite (the only liquid I can drink) I can't exactly do much.

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