Thursday, October 2, 2014

I am BatWonderWoman!

Attitude is everything. Sometimes I agree with that, sometimes I want to punt the people who say that squarely in the groin. Today, I'm going with it.

Home healthcare came out on Friday night. {It takes forever to edit and complete a post these days so they are up about a week after I write them.  This was Friday, September 26th in case you are trying to keep up.} We determined it will cost more than our mortgage per month (that was with the waver they offered, it would have been three times that) but it's not like I have all those OTHER options. Violently ill and wasting away was the only other "choice."  So "second mortgage" it is.  

So she came and I was in far worse shape than I thought I was. I thought I was maybe a bit dehydrated because I had a really good few days about three days ago where I was eating and drinking. I figured that had caught me up, and honestly I have been a LOT worse than I was at that moment so I wasn't too worried.  So when she was like "here pee on this so we can see how bad your ketones are" I was more concerned that she would think I had overreacted.

I scored the highest possible, four pluses, but this is like golf I guess and high scores make your nurse make faces at you and crank your IV up muttering things like "bolus" and "alarming."

Anyhoo, it's not such a bad process, the pump or the IV. I'm fairly confident I can handle both for now. Knock on wood.  Once the IV is done I will be more mobile and that will be nice. The IV cart they gave me is "disposable" in that I won't have to give it back. Translation: this thing could have been made stronger had it been built by second graders with Popsicle sticks and glue. 

My pump site is sore already, which stinks but isn't alarming. I may have to change it twice a day if it's a problem, which I'm not thrilled about but it's not unbearable by any means. Fingers crossed I just get used to it and the soreness fades.  Comparatively I feel great, I haven't vomited or dry heaved since the pump and IV were hooked up!  Knock on wood, again!  Nauseous, but not getting sick. Hopefully, with bated breath, my fingers are crossed. 

I will do way more detail later with pictures because I know I would have loved an explanatory blog post before I had this all done. For now, I leave you with just a couple pictures. First, my Pump itself, which I have named Robin. Because what else would you call a trusty, dependable, sidekick?

If that sucker is Robin that would make me Batman, right?

Kinda. Hee hee, I just thought it was fun to say.  In keeping with the superhero theme, which we are mildly obsessed with in this house, I couldn't help but notice that my IV bandaging looks a little like a critical accessory for another superhero...

If you squint just so, and really try hard to keep focusing on the positives it kinda sorta may look like Wonder Woman and her awesome Bracelets of Submission, no?

No?  Well I am running with it!

So Robin and Wonder Woman will be back for more later. For now I'm just going to hold still so I don't snag any tubes and enjoy not seeing bile first hand. 

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