Wednesday, November 26, 2014

HG & IVs: Everything I wanted to know ...

Intravenous Fluids.  Before this pregnancy I had maybe 5 times in my life needed an IV?  The number was only that high because I had given birth twice and used to struggle a great deal with migraines, which often led to ER visits and occasional IV as part of the treatment.  Point being, like most people, I rarely had an IV.

I never had looked at my husband and said the words "oh this will totally be a three bagger before I feel better."  I had no idea what infiltration meant, or how many jokes I would make about "pole dancing" because why would I?  Now, now I know.

I have had more IVs than I can count.  My phone often tries to autocorrect "I've" to "IV."  I have presently been on home health care for nearly 60 days and the longest period of time in that 60 days that I made it without IV was 6 days.  My longest lasting one was 3 days, shortest died in less than 12 hours and meant I needed another one immediately.  They are lasting me less and less long now, so 2 days is really the maximum I can hope for out of an IV before it goes bad.  So we are talking 20ish IVs, easily.

Because IVs are rough on the veins of your arms/hands when they become common, I am presently being evaluated for a PICC line.  In the event I need one, I will certainly write about it too, but at present I want to just add to the HG Treatment series with info about plain ol'
IV fluids.

No pictures of me getting an IV here, but plenty of pictures once I have them and I think I have a picture of a site immediately after I removed one (yes, I did the removal, but we will get to that).

Like in the Pump Series, I am just going off of everything I think I would have welcomed a heads up on before the process started and for the sake of not being too monotonous I will break it up like this:

So follow those links, or click here to head to post number one!

None of this is designed to be medical advice that should replace the expertise of a doctor.  I am merely sharing my experiences and knowledge, not advising you.  I only call myself a "rocket surgeon," I have never been to medical school of any kind and would recommend you get checked by a real professional in the event you have any actual questions.  That said, if you would like me to clarify some part of my experience for you, please feel free to ask in the comments!

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