Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pregnancy & Pintercrack

I am so bored.

I am so nesting.

My husband is doomed.  At least his sanity is.

This pregnancy has been a unique experience for us, full of unique challenges and learning experiences -- says the girl typing this blog posts with an IV in her arm.

I have always been an obsessive compulsive nester in my pregnancies, and I do not use the term loosely or as a joke.  It is compulsive, as many of my unique little NEEDED behaviors are LOL.  Nesting is sorta perfect for my OCD tendencies (I do not have the full blown disorder) and ADD.  I cannot sustain the overly ambitious projects I launch, and I don't need to with nesting projects.  They are shortish termish.

But what do you do when you can't?

Well, you make yourself (and your long suffering husband) insane.

My house is *shudders* horrible.  We intend to move before this baby really has a room of their own anyway, so I never planned to do a room here for him or her.  Now?  Now I am infused with the need to.

I need to clean.  My wash is piling up.  Despite Bunyan's best efforts you cannot remove my ability to do everything I was doing from the scheme of things and maintain this house.  In a way it is a little affirming to realize how important I am in the functioning of this home and family.

Its also hell on earth when I can't do anything.

So I have begun trying to find ways to fulfill my desperate need to DO something and combine it with my complete inability to do much.  I mean how much cleaning can I do when my BP is a hawt mess, I am constantly weak and sick ... oh and the stupid IV pole.

God bless Pintercrack.  I have officially taken pinning-with-no-intention-of-execution to all new heights my friends.  I have a board about knitting, its hilarious.  I have a board about quilting.  I can't quilt, and I have no real intention of learning to.  I have a ton of pins for organizing my minivan ... the one I don't own.  Yet.  My dignity is marching up to that guillotine soon enough.  I have a board devoted to balloon stuff, I have a life threatening latex allergy and could never want this stuff.  I even have a board for Tom Hiddleston.  Basically, I have a board for anything that is NOT food.

I can't do food.  Not for like another five months.  (I have food boards, lots of food allergy related ones, but I just don't look at them now.)

In all of these random obsessive searches to compose boards thoroughly versed in awesomeness I came across the granddaddy of OCD and ADD in planner form.  Erin Condren.  I have always had a thing with planners.  I have lots of them and I have tried a million types of them, usually to find that I am caught up in the fury of the moment and have like this totally awesome month ... then never stick with it.  I need something that will captivate me in more than one way and will actually visually keep my attention.  Granted, these ain't cheap so this is a gamble in light of my previous failings with sticking with ... well, anything.  But here's hoping.  I figure with the fact I may have another 5 months of butt-sitting I might have all of my 2015 planned out and should get at least some use out of it.

Of course I made a board about it too.

Online shopping was a bad thing to discover though.  I wound up purchasing the planner and some accessories from Erin Condren.  Then I searched Pintercrack for ideas ... because that is what I do these days.  There where whole Etsy shops devoted to stickers, inserts, and washi glory to feed my fire.  So I spent some money there too ... then I realized Etsy is like a goldmine ... eventually I purchased a whole new wallet for the envelope system we utilize (the irony here being we do it because it saves us money! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!) and a bunch of baby stuff before I curbed my need.

I sat back and happily smiled at my tablet thingy, feeling sure that this binge of organizing based purchases would keep me content for a while, I would be good to go!

Wait ... I just made a bunch of custom orders.  CUSTOM.  This ain't Amazon people, with free two day shipping.


I bought much of this stuff weeks ago.  I am still waiting for the perfectly reasonable shipping times that the shops clearly stated for them.  I am the moron, they are doing their jobs and many of them are doing more than one job.

So I threw myself into the HG Treatment Series for a few weeks.

Now I am done with that.

So I am pinning quilts and minivan organizers and wondering if I will get unsick of the mundane soon.  I used to think I would kill for nothing to do ... it is nice for like two weeks friends, then when you can't do anything you start wanting to climb walls (but can't) and talking to yourself even more than you did.

Yeah, my sanity may be a thing of the long gone past by the time I have this kid, not to mention my husband's.


  1. I've seen the 2015 planners in the stores and have fought everything there is in me to NOT buy one!! I can't help it, they appeal to me, but I can never stick with it. Oh, but I long for one...

    1. It finally came! I am seriously geeking out on it! My stickers haven't all shown up yet, but once they do ... oh my goodness I am going to be a happy girl!