Thursday, November 13, 2014

our gender reveal

If I based my life on Pintercrack I would be neurotic and know that I am a failure at most things when compared to the talent that is out there.  Five seconds on the site and you know you can't cook, can't refinish furniture, and can't re-purpose stuff in a cool way anywhere near good enough to be considered crafty.

Gender reveals, in all their awesome balloon and cake color glory, seem to fit right up there on mandatory boards everyone has even if not in that life-stage.  Its like weddings, even single or 20-year-happily-married people have chic barn house style wedding pins somewhere.

But between how I have been this pregnancy and how much I am not gifted with the Pintercrack gene, I wasn't about to bake a pink or blue cake.  Instead I went shopping.  I bought some clothes themed in the right color, a box with a cute label already on it that I just had to write on (thank you Target, I will love you always for making one stop shopping possible!) slapped it all together and BOOM, we had a gender reveal.

Simple, and I think cute.  This once I will share pictures that include my kid's faces, because ... well, their reactions were priceless.  Again, recalling how not super duper I have been feeling I wasn't so thorough as to get them dressed cute or have a cute background ... something I am sure I will regret yet forgive myself for later.  Life is all about choosing battles, and that wasn't a battle I was up for after a run to Target when I barely make it out of the house anymore.

So without further ado ...

This is the outside of the box.  Target had the blue box with a chalkboard tag on it already.  I just used metallic Bic markers I already had to label it.  Then I bought the pink ribbon and bow also at Target to make it be both pink and blue.

That is Meatball and Beans.  Yes, Meatball is holding Beans back because I wanted one before picture.  Picture quality diminishes greatly after this because they went FAST!

Remove the bows and stuff ...

Take a peak inside ...

Meatball is thrilled ... Beans is processing ...

Now we are both excited!

Celebrate a bit! Oh but wait, what is it, a boy or girl?

Its a little sister!

That is what the inside looked like when they opened it.  This is also how we did the gender reveal to our parents so they saw the same thing.  

Under the #1 little sister onsie were some other onsies I found at Target.  I think the sister onsie I had bought already somewhere else, but I wanted there to be more in the box holding it up.  So I suffered greatly and bought some of my first pink stuff.  ;)

And here she is ... Beans has named her Pinkie Pie.

He also calls her Dookie Bus, but I am sticking with Pinkie Pie and pretending that other name didn't happen just yet LOL  So it is a girl, many of the theorists were coincidentally right, which has less to do with her being a girl and more to do with the nature of HG in general.  Either way, we are pretty excited here.  

P.S. If you are curious why I suddenly started watermarking my pictures I will explain in an upcoming post.  

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