Thursday, November 15, 2012

then I became a bad person

Occasionally, while I take a little walk through blog land or on Pintercrack, I become a bad person.

Its simple jealousy really.

All my friends pin the shit out of these gorgeous spaces ... home libraries, gardens, little reading nooks, laundry rooms, kitchens, closets that make me want to weep ... and I sit and re-pin them turning greener by the second.  Many of my pins can be translated into something, be it a failure or a success.  But pins that incorporate totally bitchin' architecture or massive square footage?  Alas, no amount of dollar store purchasing, chalkboard paint, or ways to fold bed sheets will ever fix that Pintercrack, you evil hooker.

Thus, a short blog series was born.  I've been batting the idea around in its ambiguous form since this post.  But it hit me like a ton of paint chip samples that can supposedly be turned into anything.  The concept is simple, really, pictures of supposedly real, yet perfect spaces ... with a picture of my reality and my hate-filled rantings.  The naming process?  Much harder.

Bullshit, That's a Set
Does Anyone Even Live There?!
Maybe If I Didn't Have Children, a Husband, or Dogs
Right, and Ryan Gosling's Abs Are Attainable 
I'd Kill For That

Yes, I settled on the last one.  It leaves the possibilities quite endless.  I did clean it up a bit, originally it was "Yeah, I'd shank someone for that kitchen" but I'm to lazy to type it more than once.  Besides, "IK4T" is a cuter shortcut that looks reasonable compared to "YISSFTK."  I'm all about reasonability and ease, man.

The first post in my series will be up tomorrow.  Its about laundry rooms, probably my most embarrassing space of all.

I know, you will be holding your breath until then.

Yes, I am that official, I even made a logo.  Bam!

Update: I figure to keep it simple I'd make a tag for it (look at the floaty words over there and click on them --->) and also keep a running list of things that make homicide seem worthwhile.  So here is our running list:


  1. Haha. Yep. Me too. Well, kind of. I don't do pinterest. And that ^^^ is why. ;)

    1. Oh I shouldn't, I know. But at least it gives me stuff to bitch, I mean blog about. :)