Tuesday, November 13, 2012

who would award an arse like me?

So it would seem I am an ass.

Well, a bigger one than I already knew I was anyway.

Two of my fellow bloggers -- Sue Diamond-Phillips at Diapers or Wine? and Kristen Mae at Abandoning Pretense -- both of whom are amazing and incredible and you need to follow them** if your aren't already, picked me for a blogging award.  I know, I was floored by that too ... but then I was all stuck in my pity party and going from one rains-it-pours-type thing in my life to the next and I completely forgot about one, and missed the other.

So I am an ass.  But a very humble, thankful one at least.

Now both of the totally bad ass women who nominated me for something cut the amount of people down that they were supposed to pass on the award to.  I am going to follow their leads because, 1.) I'm new to this whole thing being that this is my first and second blog awards, 2.) Being lazy is for the cool kids and I am doing two awards here so I figure this would be an okay time to slack a tad.

I am doing the responses and nominations in separate posts, but they will all be part of today.  My OCDishness is getting twitchy because I hate multiple posts on one day and I really dislike that this one will be the last in my feed ... but I will get over it and get to work.

Off to write about me and pick some other awesome blogs to share!

Basking in my giddy non-humility for a moment.

<--these are my awards -->

** Disclaimer: Word of advice, please do not read either blog whilst needing to go potty, you might pee laughing. But seriously, two awesome ladies.

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