Friday, September 20, 2013

I know, I will burn for this, but ...

So I guess considering the last post I have here was bemoaning the end of the school year, followed by an absence and now the new school year has resumed one can sense a correlation between blogging time and mom duties?

I am not scientist, but I think we could hypothesize some kind of relationship there.

Can't tell you how many times I have thought "oh I can blog about that" and ... well, I didn't.  I also hardly ever wrote any of those brilliant ideas down, so all the great material I thought I had is lost to my memory.  Unless it involved my taking a picture, because then there may be hope.

The hope, to be fair, is pretty limited though.  Whenever I get around to cleaning my phone's picture storage out there is always about 1,000 pictures in it, no exaggeration there.  Of those 1,000 pictures there are always enviably a good 600 that are crap.  But at least 100 are of food I may blog about, a cleaning thing I might want to share (okay, so there are maybe like 4 of those) and then a lot of "fails" that I may share if I feel like laughing at myself publicly.

In the past three months I have dumped the phone like two or three times, so that means I owe you like a dozen cleaning-related posts and roughly 12,000 failure ones.  Don't know that I am up for that, but I will get close I am sure.

Anyway, it is 11:43 and the Beans is wide awake right now running around quite happily because I accidentally let him nap at 4:00 PM today.  The falling asleep was an accident, he just sorta conked out.  The staying asleep was a colossally bad decision on my part.  But given that I haven;t had good sleep in a while and am now up waaaaay past my usual bed time I am a teeny bit slap happy.  Keep that in mind with this little story as I part ways for tonight ...

The Beans is happily watching the Octonauts because it is what happens to be on right now.  I just heard them say "marine iguanas do it with a salty sneeze" and I nearly pissed myself laughing with completely inappropriate, dirty humor.  Then I started laughing at my own hilarity all over again when I decided that this must make me Octo-naughty.

So, yeah, I have sunk to all new lows and will try to get back to blogging again, but probably not when I am quite this sleep deprived! I will admit, however condemned it may make me, that making inappropriate jokes out of children shows is precisely what makes watching them tolerable for me.

Anyhoo, it feels good to be back, not matter how horrible I may be.

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