Tuesday, September 24, 2013

our drug stash

Given that our bathrooms are the size of a matchbox we are very chosey on what we chose to store in them.  As a result, all the medication is held in the storage capacity of the only-slightly-larger kitchen.  Top shelf of a cabinet is where all our cold and flu, pain meds, prescriptions, and ointments reside out of the reach of children and only slightly convenient.

However, it was getting a tad messy.   I also stuck our sunblock and bug repellents up there and it was chaotic. It looked okay from the ground but you couldn't actually find anything without removing everything.  There is nothing less cool than needing medicine (which probably means you aren't feeling super) and being attacked by a crapalanch of fourteen different bottles.  Makes for a grumpier and sicker feeling mama.

True confessions -- I have had to explain the bruise on my forehead from a rogue can of spray sunblock more than once and was a little sick of it.

So in the interest of house peace and preservation of my sanity (and vanity!) when I am not feeling super-dee-duper I gutted it and started over.  With the use of some Dollar Tree baskets, chalkboard Contact paper and my Cricut I took this:

The bottles in the back hold the useful shit.

Mystery baskets, add to the excitement of your
search for heartburn relief!!!

This post is not about the Tupperware vomit.
Or that whole bottom shelf,
just ignore that please.  

And turned it into this:

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
... or the other two shelves!

So what was a mess of bottles, half of which were expired by the way, is now four baskets with the Ibuprofen, Tylenol and Aspirin in the middle and easily accessible.

Here we have the daily crap for the family.

Here we have the adult medication
that isn't alcohol.

Kid meds so we can dose the minions

Sunblocks and bug goo
Now I can find everything and drug myself and my family accordingly!  Wait ... that sounded worse than I meant it to.  Well, its not like I am going for a mom of the year nomination here anyway!

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