Sunday, September 22, 2013

la purga, part dos

So I sucked at blogging with any regularity again, what else is new right?  Things have been a bit nuts around here but if I start to expalin I will just sound whiney, so leave it at I have been suffering massively, mkay?

Anyhoo, the point of my post was not to whine, but rather to try and redirect my energies and focus on making me and my household as a whole better again.  Yay us!  This has meant for a lot of changes, and I have to be kind with myself on how to inflict, er, I mean institute them.  I have learned/am learning to accept my own boundaries and limitations physically and mentally (again, I would get whiny if I started LOL) and am constantly trying to honor them better than I have been.

While we did a la purga and a 100 Things Challenge a while back I still felt like we had a lot of crap and it was way too easy to not follow through after getting rid of stuff.  After all, all I did was toss stuff, not actually institute any kind of plan on how to not accumulate crap or how to organize the crap I kept.  And, if I am really honest, we just moved and transfered a lot of crap.  We kept tons of it, just moved it.  Not effective in the long run.

Pintercrack, as always, came to my rescue with this gem.

Ah, forty sounds so much less overwhelming than a list of 100 doesn't it?  Truth is with this we are getting rid of waaaay more than 100 things but far more importantly than the fullness of the Goodwill and trash bins around here is that we are trying to actually come up with a place for things.  It is impossible to keep a house clean if things don't ALL have a home.  I know this is obvious, yet somehow we were living in a state of denial about it.  We were also living in a state of chaos as a result.

So, la purga part dos was instituted and I began checking forty things off a list.  I won't share all of them here because, well, some are really boring if nothing else.  However some I will because I might just be soo proud of my accomplishing the impossible.  My hope is that I will see this one through and it will make an actual difference in our little hovel!  As of this writing I have actually already marked off exactly 21 things, so that is a good start!

Without further adieu, here is my list of 40 Things To Purge/Do/Clean:

1. Clean out Food Pantry
2. Outside of fridge
3. Shelves in Kitchen
4. Under Kitchen Sink
5. Inside Kitchen Cabinets
6. Clean the Microwave
7. Clean the Oven
8. Inside of Fridge
9. Buffet Table Thing
10. Bean's Dresser
11. My Dresser
12. Paul Bunyan's Dresser
13. Our Closet
14. Under Our Bed
15. Our Bathroom
16. Meatball's Bathroom
17. Meatball's Closet
18. Meatball's Dresser
19. Meatball's Shelves
20. Beans' Closet
21. Kids Glasses and Cups
22. Pots/Pans/Bowls Cabinet
23. Meatball's desk area
24. Our Desk Area
25. Living Room Toys
26. Living Room Baskets
27. Files
28. Outside Bar Stuff
29. Outdoor Toys
30. Side Yard
31. Shed
32. Washer and Drier Area
33. Cel Phone Apps and Contacts
34. Files on the Computer
35. Pictures
36. Keepsakes
37. Deep Freezer Clean Out & Organize
38. Recipes and Cookbooks, again!
39. Command Center
40. Board Games

P.S.  If you notice a biannual pattern to my sudden cleaning obsessions do not think that I have some kind of reasonable drive to organize.  My in-laws visit us roughly twice a year, usually just after the purgas.  Coincidence?  I think not.

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