Saturday, September 14, 2013

No Hogwarts Cake this Year

So last year at this time I was busy posting would would eventually be my most clicked on blog posts.  All the Hogwarts stuff for Meatball's 11th birthday.  The cake, the letter, the (damn) owl, all of it was a huge success and Meatball loved it.

This year, I did not make him another letter.  I wasn't sure what I would do to make it exciting again, but I did find a link to make your own Howler which would be totally awesome.  Trouble is the instructions have dead picture links and for me that may as well render the entire thing in Greek because I cannot follow along at all.

So I did something completely different, and ultimately this is also a backhanded attempt at telling you why I have sucked at keeping up the blog.  I did make him something that had a Harry Potter theme, along with something from the Hobbit and something from Star Wars.  While I promise to keep this stuff mostly off of this blog, because it has no place here, Paul Bunyan and I are starting a little side thing that may turn into a business type deal.  But here is a picture of the Meatball's presents from this year.  

Yay, may look more complicated, but truth be told it was soooo much easier and less stress than last year's gift!

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