Friday, July 27, 2012

an ode to super glue

So when I left off with you, I had successfully made a "calming bottle" ... but it wasn't so calming for my youngest.  Go figure.  The child has defied all odds (spoken like a proud mama of a child who has faced medical adversity and a worn out mama who knows this little goofball can do anything to age me rapidly) so naturally he could handle a calming bottle un-calmly.

We were going out of town and I wanted good car toys, so I made a second one the same way I had with the first, but in blue with some different glitter so that the kids could each have one.  I figured the change in color may make interest last longer.

I was right.  Initially anyway.  

What I hadn't taken into consideration is that if your baby gets uber pissed off being in his car seat and throws one of the bottles out the door at you while at a gas station, and it falls from the ridiculous height of your husband's rather tall truck with all the pent up frustrated velocity a one year old can give it ... the cap of those pretty Norwegian bottles almost explodes.  However, in a true testimony to the sheer strength of super glue, the bottle stayed sealed.  However it now had these sharp horrible knife like pieces sticking off the lid, and was not good anymore.    

I may not be mother of the year material, but even I know that is not a good thing to hand the kiddo.

But being me, I couldn't throw it out.  I mean, really, look at all the glitter, glue and water in there man!  I can't just toss this much stuff!  So I decided to dismantle it, but again, I was thwarted by the awesomeness that is superglue.  That damn cap was not moving.  No matter, I busted out my surgical tools.

After like ten minutes of me swearing at it I had worn a small hole in a section and scored around the top.  I would have been there forever, but my husband took pity on my cheap stubborn ass and swooped in with a saw.

It still took a while, now I know why those Norwegian bottles are so expensive, suckers are dense!  We did get it torn open, and we got the contents mostly poured into a new Voss bottle.  What didn't make it in the bottle was sparkling all over my husband's hands, which he totally loved.  He was sparkly!

Then I used some Gorilla foam glue to fill the void inside the cap, making it less hallow and hopfully a bit more shatter resistant.  When it comes down to it though, really I have just learned I need to be careful about when and where the Beans plays with the bottles.  He was not unsupervised with it before, I watched the destruction take place with my eyes wide open, but he won't be holding them when the car doors are open in the very least.  

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