Monday, July 2, 2012

wasn't this supposed to be easy?

Keeping in mind, this multi-step project was launched in an effort to be lazier than the inspiration pin from Pintercrack, you may be wondering by now if I actually saved any energy.  Since this is actually not my final reveal on the !@#$% chore sticks I must say I am wondering that as well.

The sticks are done, but the container, well it was hideous.

I had this in my classroom back in the day, and frankly, "hunting orange" is okay in a classroom.  My house? Not so much.  So I busted out some Rustoleum spray paint that could go on plastic that is supposed to look like wood.

Sprayed it on the driveway while it was eight million degrees outside.

So now it is a nice shade of brown.  It needs pep.  So I add hemp.

Then I add a little more hemp.

And I try to melt a plate.  Twice.

Now I stick the sticks in the basket.  

It is usable, but not labeled.  Meatball knows where everything is supposed to go, but I don't remember which section is "done" and which section is "not done."  So now I need to make labels for it so that I don't mess his system up.

Also, he ever so {insert eye twitch here} kindly informed me that having four compartments is nice, but really he would like a fifth.  Huh? Why?!  He explained, I zoned out ... hey, don't lie, you do it to your kids too.  Ultimately, I needed another container or something.

That was when I heard the Mod Podge calling me and I made a honey roasted nuts container look purdy.  

Mod Podge under the paper, then over the paper
Used a scrap to cover the little gap where it wasn't long enough
And POOF, I am a little closer.  Now I need labels.  Sigh.

(Yes, I am playing with an online photo editor and using all sorts of weird frames.  Hang in there, it will be out of my system soon.)  

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