Tuesday, July 3, 2012

the bed, part deux

So in all the chore-stick-blog-make-over-ing that has been going on around here, we have also squeezed in another project.  I posted a little while back about how we were taking the Meatball's bed and turning it into something much cooler than the boring bed with a dresser under it thing I had been for a while.  Well, we got lots and lots done on it, and while it isn't finished fully it is pretty freaking awesome ...

My iPhone died on me, so I am pretty weak on the pictures in both quantity and quality this week.  My husband does not understand the importance of before and after images, like at all, and he works so quickly that I don't really have time to get out our real camera or he'd be done with the project already.

We will have a big reveal when all is said and done and a much better picture selection too.

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