Monday, July 2, 2012

now it looks purdy

I am not a big make-up person on a daily basis, but I do love to glam it up sometimes.  Junior high taught me the importance of eyeliner, high school the importance of multiple eye shadow colors, and motherhood taught me the importance of concealer.  Then Beyonce taught me about how critical lip gloss can be for a gal.  

Blog design is sorta like make up.  You don't feel like a big girl until you actually get all gussied up.  

So the blog design has been driving me nuts.  I am a very visual person and the generic color templates were making my eyeballs want to abandon ship.

I have googled "free templates for blogger" more times than I can count, and generally find very kitschy, cute ones that are not very me.  Free ones are abundant, but often free for a reason.  I needed a free one.  Yes, I think teddy bears are precious, but I don't want them on my blog. Cross stitching?  Um, not so much a "me" thing.  So I could never find one I liked, and if I did it wound up not fitting in my blog.  Parts would hang off of the design or disappear all together, and it made me twitchy.

But I found one I like now!  The Cutest Blog on the Block has lots of free designs and they come in more than one size, so I was able to not only find one that fits me and this blog thematically, but also literally fits!  Yay!

So now we have a new look.  I do feel better.  Now I am going to go put on some make up and feel like an adult with some sense of self still.  HA!

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