Saturday, September 1, 2012


Okay I posted the Hogwarts Cake teaser, but I just had to say I am so doing the happy dance and freaking out because I have 17 followers!


So excited because you are HERE!

So confused, why you would want to be ...

But so thrilled anyway!

So, welcome!  Feel free to read, comment, and ask anything.  Well not anything ... I mean if you have like creepy questions go ahead and keep 'em to yourself.  Oh and I will follow you back, so you are stuck with me now.  Ha ha! Sorry about that. ;)


  1. I found you on the blog hop. I will be your 18th if you will be mine....? haha

  2. Thank you - I DO feel right at home. ;)

  3. Everytime I read "ewmigawd" and see that lady screaming on the left there it cracks me up.

  4. Thanks ladies, and welcome to my insanity and irreverence! I will gladly follow y'all too! :)