Saturday, September 15, 2012

smoooth as Buddah

Okay so I have a word limit here peeps, so pay close attention because I am not repeating myself: Doing the blog linky Ketchup With Us with Old Dog New Tits and According to Mags, prompt is about childhood crush in, 57 words.  That was 44 words.  Okay starting count in three ... two ... one ...

(to the tune of The Sign)

I, I had a huge crush
You could hardly blame me cuz he was so hot
How could you not love blond hair and blue eyes?
Yeah, he had a weird name
But those sexy Swedes us-u-ally do
Ooooo, is this clue enough? 

Ulf "Buddah" Ekberg was my childhood swoon. Hell, he's still pretty hawt.

So go link up and share who you were passionately in love with once-upon-a-time!

P.S. Sorry, the song is stuck in my head now too, and no I don't like it.


  1. I cannot get the "Ketchup With Us" button to work at the moment ... still working on it, but the word links in the post DO work, so use those to link up!

  2. I left some help on my blog. :P I hope it helps. Sometimes when I take out the HTML I put in and re-do it, it works. Silly HTML!

    Another round about way would be to just copy the image and link it to one of our blogs.

    Good luck!

    And great crush. VERY handsome!

  3. He IS hot! I love that song and that you wrote to the tune of it. Very creative!

    I'm visiting from Ketchup with us.

  4. lol heya! stopping by and visiting from ketch up! =)))

  5. That is one chiseled dude. Love the entry AND the picture. Sorry about the blog button issues. I'll leave the techie stuff to Mel. (Thanks, Mel.) If you guys need me, I'll be watching 'Benny & Joon' in the other room.

    Thanks for linking up!

  6. Ok, i have never heard of this guy!! Now i have to look him up :)

  7. Got the picture working and finally got my annoying word verification thingy off too - sorry, I didn't realize it did it because it never asks me to prove I am not a robot ... it must know something I don't ...

    Anyhoo thanks for stopping by and swooning at the hotness that is/was the blonde dude from Ace of Base! Still crushin' on him after all these years!