Tuesday, September 18, 2012

it is SOOO easy ...

I take the words "it is so easy" when found on Pintercrack as a personal challenge.

It calls to me, saying:

Hey, yeah you! Moron, betchya can't do this!

Usually, it is right.  But this time?  I owned it.  Well, mostly.  If the end result tastes good we can't be too critical, right?

After the fiasco that I felt was my Hogwarts cake, I was craving simplicity.  I also had two boxes of unused cake mix and a mother-in-law in town.  So I just had to act all domestic-ish so that she doesn't panic that her baby boy is dying of starvation whilst in my clutches.

I had seen this on Pintercrack a few times, and really, with two ingredients ... pumpkin puree and cake mix ... how could anyone screw that up?

And so it began.

Here is the complex ingredient list.  I debated adding cinnamon or something, but I figured we'd just play it safe this one time and follow the ever so simple instructions as they were found in the pin.

The only deviation I made was that I happened to have a can (gawd knows why) of pumpkin puree, but I had the 29 oz size.  Recipe calls for 15 oz, but I also had two cake mixes and the recipe only called for one. I figured I could double it and be okay.

So I dumped my cake mixes into a big old bowl.

Then I added the pumpkin,  I started to mix it around with a spoon a bit just so it was slightly incorporated before I dug out my hand mixer that hadn't been used in ages.

I was panicking a bit here.  The mother in law was right there in the kitchen saying something smelled good.

I said a little prayer in which I may or may not have promised my next born (if I have one) and the secession of bad word usage forever.  I figure the Almighty is well aware I am no good on either of those promises, especially the former, anyway, but I was graced with kindness anyway ...

It suddenly looked right.

And it did smell nice.

So I busted out muffin cups and got busy loading them up and sticking them in my little counter top convection oven thingy.

I'd like to leave the story there.  But I am too honest a person, and simply cannot.  *Sigh*

The little oven do-dad was on broil.  The first six muffins went in and when the time was up I was puzzled why they seemed to be cooking nicely on top and not all the way through ... but I never checked the setting.

By the end of the first dozen I noticed my mistake and fixed it for the last dozen with no one noticing.

Since there are no eggs or "raw" ingredients in this, I wasn't too worried, and honestly I think the first dozen are almost better than the second.

I don't know that I would purposely do it, but the "fail that could have been" turned out okay.  My mother-in-law thinks I know what I am doing (obviously not a reader of my blog) and all was well and tastey.


  1. I am freaking starving, and burnt, undercooked, or whatever, they look amazing.

    1. Amazingly they were both burned and under cooked. Because I am THAT awesome.

      Yet, they were totally freaking delicious.

      They also freeze well and make great before-school breakfasts, so I will likely make them again.

  2. I could eat pupmkin anything right now.

    I have weird things go wrong when I bake too. It's half the fun I guess. I call the people I am serving my creations to my victims. I have gotten better over the years. It's stressful when you want to impress someone!

    1. Totally recommend you make these if you are having a hankering for pumpkin stuff!

      I am quite gifted with goofy-things-gone wrong when baking or cooking. Or crafting. Well, I guess its less about what I am doing and more about the fact that it is *I* doing it. Generally I avoid doing anything "new" for people, but I was daring this trip. Never again!