Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hogwarts Cake, Part I

I knew it was a bad idea, yet I had hope.  Why I don't know, but I did have some hope.  Hope that because this was for my baby, my Meatball, I could some how dredge up the ability to not totally screw up the most perfect cake ever for him.

Jury is still out, because it has to be iced and also has to be cut into ... that is the scary part, I won't know if I pulled it off until we cut into it.  In front of my child, parents, siblings, and in-laws.

Go ahead, say it with me ... WTF was I thinking?!?!

At any rate, I will post a bigger tutorial with this when all done, not because I feel like I know how to but I certainly know how NOT to do some of it.  But it would be remiss of me to not give you a "taste" wouldn't it.

So here you go, a little teaser.

A quick example of what not to do.

My cake.  I changed the color order for a reason ... namely I screwed something up in assembly and this was the best way to cover that mistake up. I will explain all of this in the full post and reveal.

The real cake.  The original.  Yeah.  I know, I know.  

This is what it looks like presently.  I was told that I should plastic wrap the crap out of it and freeze the layers so that the "moisture gets locked in" so I did.  Not so sure it that will help me or hurt me though.

I am hoping and praying fervently that once iced the majority of the ugly bits are hidden.  I am also praying that it tastes okay and isn't too dry or too food coloring tasting.  I tasted as I went and it was fine individually, but with my cheap food coloring I had to add a lot in order to make it get close to the right colors.  

**To see the completed cake in all is atrocious glory, head on over to this post.**


  1. Ohmygosh you just made me pre-panick about my daughter's cake. And her birthday isn't until November. It's SUCH a love/hate (or hate/hate) relationships with cake baking and decorating. Good luck - can't wait to see it finished!

  2. Why do we do this to ourselves? I agonized over it, it turned out semi-horrible (new post is up) and my kiddo loved it. I guess its those impeccably high standards I am raising him with ...

    Thanks for stopping by and reading!