Friday, August 31, 2012

dreeeaaam the impossible dream ...

So on my short to do list today we have the following impossible tasks ...
  • Do the laundry because there are no towels.  Well, no clean ones. I actually uttered the words "well we wouldn't run out if you didn't use them so often" to my husband this morning.  I even facepalmed in real life on that one while he laughed.
  • Sweep, mop, dust, and do a general pick-up of the crapalanche all over because my mother in law is coming.
  • Make my house look like I know what I am doing because my mother in law is coming.  Too bad I am not sure how to do this ...
  • Make an impossible, yet thoroughly awesome, cake.  Pictures and blog post to come.
  • Bathe a dog because he smells like human feet.  Why I don't know, nor do I want to.
  • Keep two children alive and cleanish.
  • Not kill the guys next door re-roofing the neighbor's house for the excessive noise they are making, even if they wake the Beans.
  • Maintain my sanity and sobriety.
  • Shower.  After the towels are done.  
Ah yes, the impossible tasks listed right there next to the highly-unlikely-ones.  I debated putting something about cold fusion and finding a political candidate that doesn't lie or annoy me, but I thought that may be a tad far reaching.

But hey, at least I am blog hoppin' again!  Lets see if we can surpass ten followers today!


  1. Blog Hopping! You crack me up! "Crapalanche" is my new favorite word.

  2. Happy in-law cleanup day!
    New follower here

  3. I hope you accomplished your to-do list today. it practically mirrors my own, but I've gotten distracted by blogs all day. My MIL isn't coming so the pressure isn't as intense!

    I found you through the TGIF Blog Hop. It's nice to meet you!

  4. I can so, so relate! Glad to have found you via TGIF & I'm follower #15 - yay!

  5. Holy sh*t-balls you made me crack up! So glad I did the Blog Hop or I don't know how I would have stumbled across your awesomeness. *LOVE*
    ...and am going to go read your earlier posts. I think we have a similar irreverence - check out my blog and you might possibly agree.

    BTW my MIL LIVES WITH US. So... beat that. Oh, and she follows my blog, so I can't write about her. She doesn't speak English super-well, but... well, I'm already looking over my shoulder all the time as it is... so, gotta play it safe and not use her as blog-fodder. But man, I could write the best post ever about my Spanish-speaking MIL experiences! Poo.

    Please for the LOVE OF PETE write a post about how the visit went.

    Yayyyy TGIF Blog Hop! :)

  6. Couple of thoughts:
    1.) Welcome to my corner of the interwebz!
    2.) My to-do's got barely to-done.
    3.) My MIL and FIL have left (thus why I was off line, I had no spare oomph)
    4.) Kristen Mae, I think we are soul sisters ... she lives WITH you?!?! There are no words ...