Wednesday, August 1, 2012

put it on a stick

Given my recent flops in the kitchen I decided to focus my energies elsewhere for a bit.  Needing a confidence boost, I switched gears to some easy stuff.  Like painfully so simple a monkey could do it blindfolded, that kind of simple.

Our local Sprouts Market had this big ol' sale on grapes and I decided to grab some.  We had plenty for just normal grape-eating, but since it has been about fifty billion degrees outside I wanted to freeze some.  I have seen people put them in champagne as "ice cubes" so I figured we could do something like that, but a little more kid friendly.  I am not a champagne person anyway.

So we tried just dropping them in a glass with some Sprite as a special treat for Meatball.

I decided that just dropping frozen grapes into a cup wasn't enough, I could do better.  So I got some bamboo skewers and made frozen grape kabobs out of them.

I know this sounds so simple, but you'd swear this was the height of high class dining if you heard the way Meatball and the neighbor kids go on about it.

I now have a  Ziplock tub of them out in the freezer at all times.  When Meatball wants one he just pulls it out and sticks it in his drink, it makes him feel fancy and he is eating something that is healthy and cost me very, very little.

I may not rock all the time, but man, when I do, I am soooo awesome.

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