Saturday, August 4, 2012

the baking grenade

You know how some people have weird issues that are like totally die hard serious for them but you cannot help but laugh a bit at them?  Like, take my husband for example.  He has to just see those wood  popsicle sticks, like the tongue depressors they use at the doctor's office, and he gags.  If you jokingly say "you mean like {mimic licking a popsicle} popsicle sticks?  Those things?" incredulously when he tells you about it while you are dating him he will actually wretch and ask you to never do that again, please.

True story. I admit to laughing and feeling horrible at the same time.

So hubby has popsicle stick issues, and yes, that made my chore sticks project a bit uncomfortable for him.  But, I am scared of these things.

Seriously, my only thought for the day is this ...

... the words "Press spoon at seam until can pops open" could instead read ...

..."pull pin, throw grenade, then run like hell!" ... and be just as accurate.

I hate these things, yet you can make so much out of the stuff in tubes that explode!

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