Friday, August 3, 2012

excesso pesto

You know how sometimes  you come across a deal that is just faboosh and you cannot pass it up, but you know you won't really be able to use all of it?

Like, say for example, you come across a butt ton of pesto at Fresh and Easy, all of it on clearance because it needs to be used/sold that day.  But you know that pesto, even yummy pesto, is one of those a-little-goes-a-long-way sorts of things and three tubs of it is just too much even if it only costs you like $5 for all of them ... what is a cheap biotch to do???

Freeze it!

I wanted to use muffin tins because I figured that would be a good protion size for a future meal.  I started by olive oiling the crap outta my muffin tins because I didn't have the paper dodads, then poured the pesto in, stuck 'em in the freezer for 24 hours, popped those bad boys out and stuck them into a freezer bag.

I waited to post this until after I had tried it to make sure that it doesn't get all wonky ... like avocado, for example.  You cannot make guacamole and freeze it without making it totally nastified.  Trust me.

But pesto does freeze okay, and my little muffin pucks were the perfect size!

So don't pass up the awesome deal of oodles of pest for $5 if you see it!

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