Tuesday, August 28, 2012

muffin bricks

Just tell me, is it possible, even remotely so, to make any corn bread mix (from a package) that does not resemble the consistency of bricks once done?

I want fluffy melt in your mouth cornbread, I get rocks.  Hockey pucks.  A dental accident waiting to happen.

Anyway, the Meatball seems to like them.  I guess I should be grateful I am raising him with such *ahem* amazing culinary standards.

Anyway, I made these corn dog muffins yesterday in the hopes that they would be a nice make now and stick them in the freezer for school lunches option.  Not sure yet about how they are post-freezing, but they were a hit in the pre-freeze taste test.  Real simple, figured I'd share.

But seriously, what I am doing wrong with cornbread?!

The general gist of it is this: follow the directions on your cornbread package (clearly, I fail at this).  Dice up a couple hot dogs of your choice (kosher, mysterymeat, fauxmeat, whatevs) drop it all into muffin cups and bake per the packaging.  See, I did say it was simple.

Now you have a corn dog.  Without the stick.  And its smaller, and not a full "dog" and ... well you get the idea.

Step One: Put some corn bread batter in bottom of cup

Step Two: Drop some diced dawgs on the batter

Step Three: Cover with more battery
Step Four: Cook per package instructions
(mine was 15 to 20 mins at 350F)
Not calling this a fail since the minion boy is eating them willingly without bribery ... that's my story and I am sticking to it!

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